Kerala Backwaters Island Resorts,Lake Resorts Kerala,best backwater resorts  in kerala

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Munroe Island Lake Resort

Named after COLONEL JOHN MUNROE 1800-Dewan of Travancore Kingdom - and the founding of Syrian seminary on request of Pulikkottil Joseph Mar Dionysius (Pulikkottil I) Munroe Island is found at the confluence of Ashtamudi Kayal and the Kallada River. In 1795 the British established their supremacy in South India and Kerala came under their governance.

Kerala Backwaters Island Resorts,Lake Resorts Kerala,Best Resorts in Kerala
Kerala Backwaters Island Resorts,Lake Resorts Kerala,Best Resorts in Kerala


Houseboats in Kerala, south India, are huge, slow-moving barges used for leisure trips. They are a reworked model of Kettuvallam. Which, in earlier times, were used to carry rice.

Kerala Backwaters Island Resorts,Lake Resorts Kerala,best backwater resorts  in kerala


Traditional Keralan Dishes Munroe Island is located at the confluence of Ashtamudi Lake and the Kallada River, in Kollam district, Kerala, South India. The Island accessible by road

Kerala Backwaters Island Resorts,Lake Resorts Kerala,Best Resorts in Kerala


To enjoy the wide varieties of sceneries and freshness of narrow canals we want take a canoe trip. This trip will explain every eye of the narrow canals in the backwater.


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Living a country side life is an unexpressed dream of many. Come to the most ideal location for you dream vacation. Munroe Island Lake Resort is a natural abode

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We Munroe Island Lake Resort gives distinct cottages with a perfect blend of keralas traditional architectural charm with luxurious, modern comforts.

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We have 4 Cottage with 3 categories. They includes Executive Lake River Cottage, Deluxe Cottage, eluxe Lake River Cottage, Standard River facing Cottage etc..

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Best Backwater Resorts In Kollam, Kerala

Munroe Island Lake Resort Kerala

Kerala, situated on the south western tip of India, is a land of spellbinding beauty. It’s a collection of rich cultural, ethical and natural beauty and thus fitting called as “God’s Own Country”. A magnificent holiday destination, Kerala is adorned with pristine beaches and sea water at its fringe which makes it a great holiday destination for beach lovers. Kerala backwaters homestay and Kerala backwaters houseboat are one of the popular Kerala honeymoon packages where newly-wed couples get to enjoy the tranquility of Kerala backwaters and enjoy the traditional Kerala dishes.

You can hear the mellisonant sound of houseboats rippling through the backwaters and coconut trees that line the banks. Kerala houseboat tours will also provide you the chance of meeting local people and enjoy the local dishes of Kerala. You could also see several small setups called ‘Toddy Shops’ where you can have the traditional drink of Kerala that is obtained from coconut trees. And the non-vegetarian dishes offered at these Toddy shops are known to be the most delicious of all.

The captivating beauty of Kerala is enhanced even more by the existence of countless water bodies in this state. You can find backwater formed all over Kerala made by the coming together of river waters and sea waters. These backwaters house a huge number of, both manmade and natural, low barrier islands all over Kerala.

Munroe Island Lake and River Resort is one of the most popular holiday destination in Kerala. We, at Munroe Island Lake Resort, offer many tourist packages suiting everyone’s needs and requirements. Ask your personal tour organizer at our Lake and River Resort Kollam to include your favorite backwater activities such as canoeing, catch and cook, candlelight dinner, etc to your tour package. Cruising on a Kerala houseboat through popular Kerala sightseeing places is an eye captivating and relaxing experience that everyone must try.

Best Resorts In Kollam

Kerala is situated on the south tip of India, and is famous for its beauty. Kerala is known for its culture, ethics, and beauty where nature lover spends their quality time with family. Kerala is also known as “God’s own country” and it is one of the best holiday destinations for travellers. There are many resorts in Kerala where Munroe Island Lake Resort is a dream vacation for everyone. It is one of the best backwater resorts in kerala where one can find many activities to be engaged throughout the day and thus help to enjoy leisure time. It is the best Kerala Backwaters resorts in Kollam, which offers activities like fishing, bird watching and walking. Spending time with family along with a beautiful view of Kerala can help to get memorable moments of life. Munroe Lake Islands is such a place, which attracts everyone while visiting Kerala. Backwater Canoe tour will give an option to enjoy picturesque view of Kerala. You will come across vegetations and harvesting of Paddy fields, spices and coconut lagoons as well.

Vacation is mainly to be free from work and spend good time with family and so opting for the best Island resorts in Kerala will make the trip more enjoyable. A cool breeze can help one to feel nature and forget about all tension and work. Yoga and meditation are good for once health, it helps to rejuvenate your mental and physical health, as it can help to remove all negativity and make everyone to feel fresh and energetic.The best resorts in Kerala are filled abundant fresh air and greenery, which can help you to mediate effortlessly. At Munroe Island, there are cottages which are crafted in Kerala’s traditional architecture but still equipped with all required comforts. Kerala Backwater resorts are preferred by all as it gives an option to visit the bank of a river and enjoy the sunset. People who are unable to spend quality time with family can walk around the bank or even opt for fishing if accompanied with kids.

You will reckon captivating experience is its mesmerising aroma; your each breath will be filled with the smell of the water logged land. Moreover, the alluring beauty of backwater resorts in Kerala is never ending with the naturally connecting backwater channels, which are regarded as the best part in touring. And houseboat offers delight to your journey, you can stay on the boat and enjoy the same comfort of staying in a cottage and listen to the shanty of sailing across the river. You will certainly enjoy more by being yourself without any interference of outer world and have yourself surrendered in the lap of nature at the backwater resorts in Kerala.

People always prefer Kerala backwater resorts while planning a trip to Kerala. It is not possible to find activities like fishing, boating, and farming in the countryside and so people opt for Kerala to enjoy such activities. Munroe Island lake resort in Kollam is on the bank of the river which can give perfect ambiance and when it is accompanied with Kerala traditional food experience is just beyond words. People who love seafood can find many variations in it while visiting best backwater resorts in kerala where authentic and traditional food is prepared by the master chefs. Resorts come up with Lake River cottage which presents the beautiful Lakeview from the veranda of cottages. Everyone can find cottage according to their budget and thus get an option to enjoy the trip to the fullest. If you are planning to visit Kerala, then check the availability the best backwater resorts in kerala to get the best experience of touring.

Planned a tour on the year-end vacation leave to please yourselves in an island without spending much then Kerala would be the opted as a choice with no less than 10 days to enjoy the paradise on earth, you need to stay in one of the best backwater resorts in kerala to have a fun trip on the cruise in the backwaters. Prepared to enjoy each moment you stay there in one of the best resorts in Kollam district say, Munroe Island lake resort will arrange you with a more thrilled, adventurous, fun-filled ride for all type of boat trips.

The thing why Munroe Island Lake Resort got the name best backwater resorts in Kerala as it's not just located or built near the watery surrounded place but it has been declared by the customers themselves as one of the best places to spend a week or more time in all kinds of boats with a budget to stay under their package. All the times when people start to look for places that surrounded by backwaters in Kerala then say “best resorts in Kollam” would be the default search term in their mind or even Google would also suggesting at 1st place to the visitors of state tourism and that is where the Munroe Island Lake Resort would be a place for many to heal, find inner peace and rejuvenate themselves.

More of a reason to stay by one of the best backwater resorts in Kerala like saying Munroe Island Lake Resort would especially allow the room occupiers or visitors to catch fish by themselves through fishing hooks and nets then recommend the resort's chef master to cook their interesting recipe or dish at their custom taste or best item with the raw material captured. Tradition is always preserved in Kerala through food as not only for non-vegetarians but whenever you taste a vegetarian meal as well remaining us the best resorts in Kollam, Munroe Island Lake Resort, Kerala.