Kerala Houseboat Tours

A cruise along the mirror-still lagoons, picture-book lakeside, palm-fringed canals and shimmering rivulets of `God's Own Country' is the most enchanting holidaying experience in the country.

With a cruise along the palm-fringed waterways turning to be part and parcel of holidayers' itinerary, the traditional 'kettuvallam' has emerged as the mascot of Kerala Tourism.

The houseboats have all the creature comforts of a good hotel: well-furnished bedrooms, modern hygienic toilets, cosy living rooms, a beautiful kitchen and in some cases even a balcony for angling.

The crew of a "kettuvallam" comprises two oarsmen and a cook, Fresh food, cooked in inimitable Kerala style is the rage of the international tourists. 

Tourists can opt for a day cruise or an overnight stay in a houseboat and for some hours. Most tourists prefer to stay overnight in a houseboat or kettuvallam as it offers a holistic backwater experience.

If you wish to take houseboat trip, the please inform us at time you book the room. As this is only available for those book early.


We have different types of Kerala Houseboat packages:

Single Person:
6 Hours travel with food*.

Single Person:
24 Hours travel with food*.

Family package 1: (4 Persons – Parents and 2 Children)
6 Hours travel with food*.

Family package 2: (4 Persons – Parents and 2 Children)
24 Hours travel with food*.

Group Deal 1: (4 to 25 Persons)
6 Hours travel + Extra cost for food*.

Group Deal 2: (4 to 25 Persons)
24 Hours travel + Extra cost for food*.

FREE Self-Canoe Pond Tour
Small Canoe is available in the resort pond, you can use it.

*Extra cost apply.

Please contact us for more flexible deals.

Friendly, Homely team is always at your service.

Kerala Houseboat tours
Kerala Houseboat tours
Kerala Houseboat tours
Kerala Houseboat tours
Looking for a get away from your frantic way of life? Does the picture of a relaxing houseboat cruise on serene backwaters of Ashtamudi Lake and other waterbodies of Kerala sound pleasing to you? Kerala, also known as God’s Own Country, is one of the most sought after tourist spots of India. Countryside of Kerala is still untouched by the hectic lifestyle of today’s world. Pack your bags for a relaxing ride in a Kerala houseboat (also known as Kettuvallam) at Munroe Island Resort, if you need to get away from your hectic work life.

History of Kerala Houseboat Tours
Your Kerala vacation would be incomplete without going on backwaters houseboat tours. There are around 2000 houseboats cruise the backwaters and canals of Kerala. Kettuvallams were formerly used as means of transport for conveying coconuts, spices, and rice within Kerala. However, as the civilization modernized, motor vehicles took control of transportation. As the Kerala tourism started thriving quickly, the boats were turned into cabins for Kerala houseboat holidays.

Luxurious Features of Kerala Houseboats: Kerala houseboats are not like any other rides. They are the symbols of luxury and relaxation, and are generally separated into three groups: gold, silver, and bronze. The level of luxury and comfort varies on each class. You can hire the houseboat on hourly basis or even for a whole day. A fully furnished houseboat will have television, kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms. There will be skilled chefs available on-board, who will prepare delicious meals for you and serve it on banana leaves. You can also make requests from available meal choices. Riding on Kerala houseboat cruise will just calm your mind and rejuvenates your body!

Any South India vacation would be unfinished without a trip through Kerala and its backwaters. It is advised to plan your Kerala houseboat holidays at earlier as they have high-demand among travelers and are booked in advance. Contact our travel desk to get help in booking a houseboat of your choice and enjoy gentle cruising amidst coconut trees.