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Silent place for Yoga Meditation

Living a country side life is an unexpressed dream of many. Come to the most ideal location for your dream vacation. Munroe Island Lake Resort is a natural abode for leisure activities available round the clock.

Get ready for a journey far away from the hustle-bustle of civilization!

Yoga and meditation are helping people to live a stress free life for many decades now. And it is still the best method of relieving stress from both mind and body. We, at Munroe Island Lake Resort, offer a silent place for yoga meditation where you can enjoy the beauty of Ashtamudi Lake.

Yoga is more than just glamorous people showing simple poses, like you might have seen on yoga sessions shown in YouTube or TV. Traditional yoga has many different approaches, including: Meditation, breathe control, ethical disciplines and physical postures. Let’s see what these approaches intend in brief references:

Meditation: Meditating is like contemplating. You persist in a certain mental place where you can concentrate on conceiving things clearly.

Breathe Control: This is where you learn how to control your breathing in order to balance your yoga poses perfectly.

Ethical Disciplines: Yoga can help you learn how to train your mind and body to concentrate on your thinking.

Physical Postures: There are some tantric yoga postures that you’ll be learning during the course of your yoga routine wherein you have to hold and keep up your balance.
Most people who are practicing the art of yoga have confessed that yoga meditation is one of the most efficient ways to relieve stress from your mind and body.

Ashtamudi Lake and Yoga

The word ‘Yoga’ intends bringing together three aspects that are the spirit, mind and body. The spectacular views of the Ashtamudi Lake in our Munroe Island Resorts will give a soothing and calming experience to your mind, body and spirit when you’re meditating.

Apart from helping you relieve stress, yoga has several other health benefits such as:

Yoga Meditation done outside in natural surroundings helps to enliven the basic intelligence of nature in our awareness and physiology. Our being resonates with the sight of a flower, sound of birds, and feeling of the breeze. These experiences wake something up inside of us, and help to set our lives into a more natural rhythm. Nature lovers have discovered this secret.


Enjoy the beauty of silence.

Yoga Meditation Munroe Island
Yoga Meditation Munroe Island
Yoga Meditation
Yoga Meditation Munroe Island