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Munroe island , Backwater resorts

Best Island Resorts in Kerala

People go on vacations to escape from their routine lifestyle, and it turns up an opportunity to realize oneself. Whatever is your reason for travelling be, it’s important to find the right place to relax and change your body and mind for good. The journey for true, everlasting changes are dwelling in Kerala, and also referred as God’s own country. It takes you explore heaven like places, but to reach the core of heaven, visit the Munroe Island Lake resort , it serves as best island resorts in Kerala. This lake island will make you feel stepping out of real world and into a stupendous place on earth filled with coconut lagoons on waterscape.

Munroe Island is located in the southern region of India, coastal border of Arabian Sea and in the outskirts of Kollam district. Inspires its tourist as the best resorts in Kerala, with its enthralling beauty and serenity, allows tourists to embrace the picturesque aquatic life, the visitors are overwhelmed to the point to fall in love with nature around the best island resorts in Kerala, staying here brings calmness to relax, meditate or to stroll along the placid bay of River Kallada and Asthamudi Lake. Nowhere in the world you can stay close to confluence of River and lake. And the natural habitats are splendid to cover all nostalgic moments of your life around the best resorts in Kerala.

The lake island simply connect you with nature through lots of activities to cherish with, once it is set for the day to explore, start with canoeing along the backwater river channels that takes to most mystic and adorable natures heritage sites, offering endless views across the water valley with stunning mangrove forests, and which passes through colourful bird’s migrating points. It is being home for numerous land and water living beings. The place is generally referred as love’s paradise and dream destination for honeymoon couples, after visiting Munroe Island you will certainly understand why it is being one of the best resorts in Kerala.

The joyous lake island are described as a unique touring destination, the cluster of islands are the must visit to see to believe such elegant beauty. Offering life changing experience in houseboating, which takes you across the water valley and many new places, wherever it goes, your heart will go along. Here comes one of the best parts of touring around the best island resorts in Kerala, by tasting delicious traditional Kerala food varieties. The dishes served for each meal will turn your appetite to have more new varieties of sea food and special vegetation food. It will be a feast for food lovers which are spiced up by natural and herbal ingredients.

The climate is optimal for stay throughout year and winter is best among the seasons in the best resort of Kerala. Moreover, offers great time to capture every moment, every angle of camera is chance for professional–grade photo shot. Visit to the best island resort in Kerala will remain as another life-changing experience.