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Best Resorts In Kerala - Munroe Island Lake Resort Kerala

Kerala default for its nature and regained a name as “Gods Own Country”. There are a lot of place to say as tourist spots in Kerala but as to say the water spot especially with the fishing area then there is a particular place comes to our mind that is “Munroe Island” and to enjoy holidays in Kerala by staying in one of the best resorts in Kerala. It is a small and which is formed as 8 parts of island with backwaters. The Island was named after “COLONEL JOHN DANIEL MUNROE” 1800 A.D. Dewan of Travancore Kingdom, as an effort for his land reclamation in delta area where the Kallada river joins the Ashtamudi lake and the island named as Munroe Island. There are canals where the country boat can take us a ride through the Ashtamudi lake of nature’s scenery which is covered by a lot of coconut groves and birds at the of migration time that we can enjoy by a stay in one of the best resorts in Kerala say, “Munroe Island Lake resort”.

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Bound with joy and love for honeymoon couples as the natural’s enthralling beauty at Lake Island

Auspicious occupations are meant to be gifts of life, Island is the best place to commence your life journey, as a wonderful world of itself, it never fails to script your beautiful story, being surrounded by the boundless nature gives you lifelong togetherness, while searching for such a serene place to hangout with your soul mate, you may come across lots of choices to consider but the only answer to fulfill the quest is Munroe Island in Kerala. The islands are built amongst the coconut trees and mangrove swamps, as the singing birds flap to flee and the breeze from turbulent water gives you the experience of time in heaven. Munroe Island unfolds its beautiful nature and remains as the best honeymoon resort in Kerala. As it remains naturally pleasant in all the seasons, these islands are excellent places to visit any time throughout the year, and they are great place to stroll at the bay of backwater, or hangout in houseboat to date in dim-light dinner and feel the ecstasy of lovely nature with your beloved one, all these come in the best Kerala honeymoon packages which are just 2 hrs of travel from Kollam airport.

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