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We, Munroe Island Lake Resort gives distinct cottages with a perfect blend of Kerala’s traditional architectural charm with luxurious, modern comforts. We offer a delightful vision of sky blending down with blue waters in the far horizon from each cottages. The island is blessed with moderate and balanced climate throughout the year with never ending cool breeze all over day and night.

You could go on fishing endlessly sitting on the banks of the backwaters and watch the sunset. Also, watch the fishermen set up Chinese fishing nets and call out to each other. Village life offers a lot of day to day adventures activities. Outdoor activities include fishing, walking along the village track, boating, bird watching, farming, Watching Coir retting & weaving, traditional Coconut oil mills etc.


We traditionally welcome you and offer Free welcome drink
(Tender Coconut /Sambharam [Dilute yoghurt & herbs]/Chaya/Chukku Kaappi[Dried ginger coffee]).




The Munroe is set by the banks of the placid backwaters. It offers the perfect rustic ambience to suit the typical Kerala’s Traditional Foods cuisine, as one basks in the view of a glorious sunset. The menu includes anything and everything in seafood.


The KalladaJalotsavam is a popular Vallam Kali (boat race) held on the Kallada River at Munroe Thuruthu on 28 days after Onam (28 th Onam) in Indian state of Kerala. The boat race is conducted along the straight portion (Nettayam) of Kallada River. Famous achievers in various fields are honoured during the event.


Boating in a traditional boat commonly known as THONI, ride on backwaters will help you reveal in the pristine culture of Kerala at your own leisure. The scenic expanses vibrant with Kerala’s rustic life patterns can be enjoyed from close quarters on the canoe. This sailing on the backwater is relatively cheaper than other modes of transportation available and you can enjoy the countryside soul of at your own pace.


Village life offers a lot of day to day adventures activities. Outdoor activities include . Fishing . Bird watching . Coir Retting & Weaving. You can watch retting & weaving of coir in traditional way in the village.

Coconut oil mills - Watch how the oil is extracted from coconut flesh using a ‘Chuck’ (Traditional machine made from wood to extract oil).

More Activities

There are lot more to watch coconut farms on the lake shores, lagoons, nearby canals & waterways, mangrove plants, the beautiful islands 7 lot more…

FREE Self-Canoe Pond Tour
Small Canoe is available in the resort pond, you can use it.
(Should know swimming).

Bicycle and Motorbike are
available in the resort to hire.

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